Monsterhearts: Jefferson High

Worst. Week. Ever.

You’d think that on a day when you get to school, and the jerk who sits next to you in homeroom isn’t there, it would wind up being alright. But it’s like the furthest thing from alright, as it turns out.

So yeah, Joey wasn’t in homeroom on Wednesday. Woo hoo! But then they said we were going to have a mandatory assembly in the afternoon. Lame. So we went, and there were a ton of cops. Like real cops, not just rent-a-cops. And then they started pulling people out two at a time. So when the guys got pulled out, they were FREAKING out. And then I had to go in there, and they were asking questions about Joey, so I made some shit up. Whatever.

Then we figured if there weren’t going to be classes for the rest of the day, we should go hang out in the band room. Only it was locked, and Flinch didn’t even want to pick the lock, because we heard some voices in there. So I asked Crow if he’d find out who was in there. It was the football coach and that lame-o security guard who was a senior like two years ago, and they were talking about Joey, and something going wrong or something. I dunno.

So we went to practice at Dominic’s house later, and Micah gave me a ride home. But I could tell he was just trying to get me naked. So I strung him along for a bit, told him we could hang out on Friday, and then went inside to study math. But I kept getting this weird nervous mood from Dominic, so I texted him and got him to come over to help me with math. When he did, I got him to tell me about some chick who had been trying to talk to him and Micah about quitting Precocious and joining a new band or something.

The next day at school, I yelled at Micah about him talking to this girl (her name’s Sierra), and he admitted he’d been talking to her, but that he wasn’t going to quit the band. So I told him I wanted to meet her, and that he should get her to come over to Dominic’s after school. So we all went over there to hang out, and she finally came over. She started knocking the band, and told us about a Battle of the Bands next month at The Castle. I told her we wanted to play, and she wanted me to give her Dominic if she got us in. I told her he wasn’t mine to give, and that she could have me if she’d get us into the contest.

So then we got Flinch to come over so we could practice, and I suggested we should go to The Castle on Friday night. Micah got upset about that, because I had promised him we would hang out on Friday. So then Dominic got all upset about me and Micah, and I told him there was no “me and Micah,” and then Micah was upset about that, so I told them both that I wasn’t dating anybody in the band because it would ruin everything. So then Micah offered me a ride home again, and tried to tell me (or at least thought it really hard) that he didn’t want to date, he just wanted to screw around. But Dominic was still upset, so I went back in to talk to him and tell him I was for real not going to date Micah. And then I got him to give me one of his old T-shirts, because I had told Micah that I had forgotten something inside.

Anyway, I got home and was laying in bed, thinking about Dominic and Micah and the Battle of the Bands when Mom got home. I couldn’t fall asleep because she kept making little noises, and then she told me she was sick and needed to go to the hospital. So I started to drive her there, but when we got about halfway there, she said we had to stop the car.

That’s when shit got weird. Logan was just hanging out with a cooler, and then this woman dragged Crow out of her house, and it turns out she was a doctor that does surgery in her basement, or something. Anyway, I guess Mom had stomach and lung cancer, and so this lady had to take out one of her lungs and part of her stomach, and then sent us home with instructions on what she can and can’t eat, and told me that Mom can’t go back to work for like seven weeks or something.

I’m glad Lorraine’s still living next door, because I’m going to need her to help me take care of Mom. Meanwhile, I’ve gotta go to school. And then when I get home tonight, I’m gonna dye my hair blonde and cut it to look like Mom’s. Because somebody’s gotta have a job around here, and I don’t think her boss would even notice if I started showing up instead of her.

Never mind the band, and the Battle of the Bands, and Dominic, and the fact that the only reason I can hold it together enough to write all of this is because I can smell him on his T-shirt… what the hell is going on?



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