Monsterhearts: Jefferson High

Music of... the Damned?

OKAY. So this is a first round draft and it is INCOMPLETE and it is missing almost all the parts about Britt and the band and also it needs work but WHATEVER I am posting it and then I will edit it later and make it better.

There was a guy Joey who was missing from school and there were rumors he was DEAD and Logan was all wondering about it because he’s emo and gothy and into teh_darkness.

So Logan went to the missing guy’s house this other goth girl Becky (who Logan is hot for) but they almost got caught and then Logan asked his Dark Emissary buddy for help and the Emissary said ‘Sure! But you gotta give me Becky tonight.’ and Logan said ‘Sure!’ and then the Emissary made one of the cops shoot another cop and Logan escaped but Becky Felt Bad and went to talk to the cops and Logan was all ‘Awwww shiiiit, I gotta give her to my Dark Master!’ and he went to lurk at her house but she wasn’t there!

But Crow came and was all “What’s up! Oooh, aren’t stars pretty. We could wish on them! Hey, what would they wish for back?” and Logan was all, “BLOOD.” and Crow laughed because he thought it was a joke but it WASN’T.

Then they went to the police station and Logan peered in at windows and found Becky and Crow walked in and was like “Omg! I heard Becky was here, is she okaaaay? Because I totally care about her because we were totally dating.” which was a LIE but the person at the desk believed him and she came out to talk with him and Logan hid under the car and listened but then the desk attendant was all “Hey Crow let’s get coffee, in my car, which I don’t know Logan is hiding under.” and Crow was like, “Shit okay I guess.” and they did and Logan was like “Ugh now Crow is gonna get LAID and I still don’t have Becky and I need to sacrifice her to my Dark Lord.”

But Crow DIDN’T because he was all trying to pump the cop for info and she wanted to hit on him but he was like Uh No because girls are ICKY and so she was SAD.

Becky finally got home and Logan took her to a DARK ALTAR in the woods and did blood ritual with her and then blacked out and woke up in his bed and Becky was GONE.

And Crow wandered around and had a vision of the Dark Emissary and failed to find Becky and fell asleep in the woods and skipped school, and then Crow and Logan got to talking after school and Crow had a vision of how to get into Joey (the maybe murdered? kid)‘s house and he was like "This won’t end badly!"

So he took Logan and they WENT and snuck in and found stairs leading into the darkness and Joey all Frankensteined up and Crow was all COMMUNING with him and like ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT’ and then Joey’s crazy psycho dark magic doctor mother came down and was all I KILL YOU but Crow was like “But it’s okay!” even though she was eyeing Logan for spare parts but then she decided it’d be okay if they got her the spare parts but she wanted a hostage so Crow stayed and Logan went (but Crow kissed him for good luck first, but Logan still is NOT GAY because Crow kissed him and not the other way around, so Logan’s just like, passive gay, even though he kissed back).

So Crow and psycho dark magic doctor mother (who is named Caroline) talked about feelings, and Logan went and asked his Dark Master for help and then he had to flagellate himself and BLEED but he did, sort of, only he sucked and needed to get his Dark Master’s Help and I don’t know maybe if your evil gods ask for things you’re not even capable of doing that should be a sign that they are BAD THINGS and may not have your best interests at heart but what do I know?

So anyway Logan did it and then he was coming back and found Britt’s Mom with Mysterious Organ Pain and so he called Crow and Crow told the crazy doctor lady and she dragged him up and was going to cut open Britt’s Mom but Crow was like “WAIT! This is someone’s MOM.”

And crazy doctor lady may be crazy but she believes in FAMILY VALUES (except for the part where she used her husband for spare parts) so she was all careful about the surgery and didn’t KILL Britt’s mom, just like mutilated her partially and Crow was like OMG and then he ran away with Logan and dragged him to school at like 6:30 in the morning because Crow PROMISED his MOM and then Crow found out Logan was BLEEDING and he FREAKED OUT and tended it and they TOTALLY CUDDLED (but Logan still isn’t gay, nope).



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